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Products :: Random crazy stuff
A HUGE barrel of lube
When you're a porn star, this is the only way to survive
Poop face emoji cuddle pillow
You want to cuddle, but no one really wants to cuddle with you.. Then this is for you!
Brief 3d animal panties
Infant mermaid costume
Just looking at the image of this ridiculous baby costume, made me laugh out loud.
Banana Slicer
You have got to read the reviews of this product, they made me laugh out loud so many times!!!
A million random digits
If you're ever too lazy to throw a dice...
The easy button
A classic. When it's just too damn hard to say that it's easy
How to talk to your cat about Gun Safety
A MUST-HAVE for any cat owner!!!
Dick trophy
Probably your best friend's best friend.
Dancing with Jesus
Because you just know he got the moves like Jagger
TMNT Rafael Dog Costume
Vladimir Putin on a bear action figure
Does this really require a logical explanation?! Just buy it already!!
The Semen Bartender's Handbook
Have you ever tried making a semen based cocktail on your own? If so, then you're crazy! You should have bought this book first.
Emoji poop 3 piece bed sheet
When you're getting ready for the first time a romantic date is coming to sleep over...
Bag of dicks
Literally. A Bag of dicks. Well, gummy dicks, but still dicks.
Donald Trump chia head
Nuf' said
Charles Manson cardboard cutout
I seriously cant imagine anyone actually buying this, but it's for sale, so I guess someone did.